Analytic Briefs

Our analytic briefs summarize the results of targeted analyses focused on hospital measure results overall and stratified by hospital characteristics, socioeconomic status, and race; on trends in measure results; and on the comparison of index versus post-acute care payment patterns. Here you'll find the analytic briefs for the 2015 measure reporting year (measurement period 2011-2014), 2016 measure reporting year (measurement period 2012-2015), and 2017 measure reporting year (measurement period 2013-2016). Some analyses were only conducted for the 2015 measure reporting year. The 2017 measure reporting year is the last year available for these analytic briefs. Chartbooks from the 2015 through 2017 measure reporting year can be found on

How to Read Figures

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    Figure Explanations

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    This document provides background information on line graphs, histograms, density plots and stacked bar charts (2015).

Archived Chartbooks